What does the law mean to you?

What does the law mean to you?

Although we all know what the law is and why it is generally suitable for serving and regulating our behavior in society, we rarely consider the actual meaning of the law in the daily environment. What is the law for ordinary people on the street? How does the law affect our daily lives? Is law really a remote term that we cannot agree with? In this article, in addition to the nature of the law as we know it, we will also study some of the basic operating methods of law in society.

For some people, they feel that the law is just to protect their interests and they do not need daily interaction. However, they believe that when the day when their actions are questioned, the law will apply, justice will be done, and the will of the people will be realized. This may be a naive explanation of the function of the law and how it works in our daily lives. For example, at the top level, we have a constitution, which sets the parameters by which the government can take action instead of protecting the citizens of our country. This has had an overwhelming impact on the way our government and country operate, affecting everything we do and the way we work throughout the day. At the local level, the law also affects our services, our work, and almost everything related to our lives. A distant concept? I do not think so.

The law is not only applicable to the criminal field, nor is it limited to constitutional issues and the distribution of power. In terms of coordinating the daily organization of society, the law is a more complex tool that not only regulates individual behavior, but also regulates our behavior in the business environment. Take the daily task of boarding a train as an example. The law stipulates many aspects of this service: (1) The criminal law and the constitution allow us to use public transportation. (2) The Constitution allows us to enter into contracts with others. (3) The contract law allows us to sign transportation contracts with railway companies and guarantee the performance of the contracts. (4) Contract law and tort law allow us to board the ship without worrying about injury or obtaining relief in the worst case. Ultimately, property and currency laws allow us to hand over funds that are valuable to other contract partners for this service. In fact, the law governs almost everything we do and is vital to keeping the community and all aspects of our lives running smoothly.

Law is not an abstract concept. If we have to rely on it, it can and will protect us. Law is an integral part of democratic life. It regulates our behavior. In essence, it allows us to act on our own terms within a rational framework. Some people may think that the law is too strict in certain areas, but it does work. The law has fulfilled its function of regulating our behavior, if not? We can change it.

The fact is that law has always been an important part of society since its birth, with its implicit laws and social order and uncrossable boundaries. Today, it is a complex network of guidelines and regulations designed to shape our lives overnight. There is no doubt that the law is very important to citizens and profoundly affects people’s lives in daily life.

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