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After saying no for the past 200 years, the House of Representatives approved a bill allowing residents of the District of Columbia to create jobs in the House of Representatives. This is a complete shock to some people who have analyzed the situation and discovered that the District of Columbia is not technically a state and has no right to be represented in the house.

In addition to adding a member of the House of Representatives for D.C. Utah won the fourth seat. The bill is now being sent to the Senate for final approval, but because the District of Columbia is not a real state, many people expect the bill to be shattered. Some people may not have noticed, but it was decided 200 years ago to prohibit the District of Columbia from holding seats in the House of Representatives because it is not a state.

According to the latest census, after Utah residents need a fourth seat, there is no extra seat in the house. However, because they are adding additional seats, and Utah is very close to meeting the requirements, it is expected that by the next election, they will have a sufficient number of residents to justify the additional seats.

This is an important milestone for the House of Representatives, which has 435 seats since 1960; it has been more than 45 years since the house was expanded to include additional seats. Opponents of the new bill are quick to point out that although the House of Representatives hopes to grow is a good thing, the Constitution clearly stipulates that the House of Representatives shall be elected by citizens of states that have not become states since the electoral districts. The Colombian Party won a major victory in the plan of the majority Democratic House of Representatives.

After the 2010 Census, when Utah becomes the fourth constituency, the House of Representatives will retain 437 seats. Although this is the first time the measure has actually been passed in Parliament, this is not the first time it has been discussed or debated. As early as 1978, it was mentioned that the District of Columbia should have the right to vote in the House of Representatives; however, the amendment was rejected because it was not approved by a three-quarter majority.

The measure was tried again in 1993; however, the focus of this attempt was to transform the District of Columbia into a state status and transform the District into a mature American state. This proposal was also rejected, so this is a great victory that has been tried several times. Whether it will pass the Senate and eventually become the final decision is still open.

Many people argue that the region should get a seat in the House of Representatives because residents of the region pay taxes and participate in wars in the country like residents of any other state. Debates and struggles continue, and it will be a very interesting experience to see if the region can win the competition for a permanent seat in the House of Representatives.


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