INS, roles and responsibilities

INS, roles and responsibilities

In the days following the 9/11 attacks, many changes occurred in the organization and how the government handled the influx of people into the country. INS was originally established as an organization responsible for the transfer of applicants for citizenship and residence permits. INS stands for the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, an organization responsible for the security of the United States.

INS is now responsible for many unprecedented tasks, including checking passengers entering and exiting the United States through more than 300 entry points across the country. Whether you are from the United States or are about to leave the United States, you may go through an INS agent who is responsible for ensuring that anyone wanted by law cannot enter the country. Although it is primarily a preventive measure, it is considered very helpful in preventing possible national security threats.

Other tasks of INS include processing the residence status of all applicants for residence and citizenship. They also process and regulate the status of all permanent and temporary immigration applications. INS. It also takes care of tourists and students, as well as those who come to attend conferences, special courses, family visits and all other business activities.

INS is also responsible for controlling all borders entering the United States, especially the borders between Mexico and the United States and Canada and the United States. This is an extremely difficult task because the United States shares such a huge land border with two other countries. This has resulted in an influx of people trying to enter the country illegally almost every day.

INS employees are also responsible for treating and expelling anyone who is not allowed to enter the country. You are responsible for expelling the person in accordance with the law and complying with any standards set for obtaining temporary status or returning the person to their country of origin.

In a 2001 report by INS, 31,971 people were employed. This resulted in 24,233 employees being classified as law enforcement officers to enforce the laws, decisions and policies of the country. INS is now a functional department of the Ministry of Justice, mainly as an investigation unit, unlike many other departments but as a law enforcement agency.

In recent years, more people have entered the border illegally than before, which has led to the hiring of more staff to protect the border and protect our country. Without knowing who is entering our country, we cannot truly protect our citizens and others. Border guards are the largest area where INS has seen an increase in available jobs. With the increase in the jobs of border guards, we can see that the number of illegal entry into the country has been greatly reduced.

As we develop into a country that accommodates people from different cultures, it will be very interesting to see how INS changes to meet the needs of everyone and become more friendly, even those who enter the country.

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