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Dell Premier
Managing your Address Book
Dell Premier is your own, secure, personalised purchasing and support website enabling an easy, efficient and
economical buying process. With Dell Premier, we have created the ability for you to manage your addresses
without the need to engage Dell.

Logging into your Premier Page
1. Go to
2. Click on “Premier Login”.
3. Enter your e-mail address and your personal
4. If you do not remember your personal password,
click on the “Forgot Password” link, enter your e-mail
address, and click “Continue.” We will e-mail you a
link to a page where you can easily create a new
Accessing your Address Book
Once you have signed into Premier, you will land on the
Premier homepage. To access and personalize your
Address Book :
5. Go to “Account” located on top of your Premier
6. You will see the “Page Settings” section
7. Select the “Manage Addresses” link.

If you have Admin rights, clicking “Manage Users”
provides a list of users and their access rights including
rights to manage addresses.8. If there are no previously saved addresses or if you
need to ship to a different address than what is
displayed, you can add a new address.

Dell Premier
Managing Your Address Book Address Book Management Guide 2
Premier Website Support Teams
The two main teams available to assist with most requests that may arise about Premier pages are the
Premier Helpdesk and the Premier Account Managers.

Premier Helpdesk
The Premier Helpdesk is the support team for all technical queries relating to Premier,
B2B/PremierConnect and Global Portal pages. This team provides assistance with technical issues
relating to site performance, stability as well as issues with logging in to the site.

Premier Account Managers
The Premier Account Managers (PAM’s) provide administrative and maintenance support for ALL
Premier Pages. They work closely with the Dell sales teams to ensure a Premier page is optimized and
meets customers’ purchasing needs.

Engage the Premier Website Support Teams
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9. Select the checkbox to indicate the type of Address
(Shipping, or Billing if applicable)
10. Choose the priority to be applied to this newly
created address and check that all required fields
are populated.

Managing your Address Book
Applying a priority gives you the ability to set a single
address as a default. This default address prepopulates
during checkout. Or you can designate multiple
addresses as favorite, so they appear higher on the list
for faster access. At any time, you can change the
priority of an address which will only take effect in
your user profile.

Your Address Book allows you to access a list of saved
addresses, view the priority applied to each address, if
it’s shipping or billing address and the date when it was
last modified.

Use the available real-time filtering search box to
quickly find an address or filter by Shipping or Billing

If your Address Book is not locked, you can make
changes to an existing address by selecting “Edit”.
If you want to arrange your address book differently, you
can sort addresses by using the column headers.

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